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    Personalised Glassware for Milestone Moments

    Introducing the glasses that do more than just hold your favourite drink.

    They're the ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion calling for a lasting memento.

    Imagine the joy radiating in your loved one's eyes as they open their special present - a wine, whisky, or champagne glass engraved just for them.

    Every name, date, initial or logo we engrave not only personalises the glass but reflects a unique journey. Start personalising today and turn any glass into a meaningful memento.

    Why Frankly James?

    At Frankly James, we turn every piece of glassware into a personal gift. Each piece elegantly combines style and personality - a unique statement that's a reflection of your thoughtfulness.

    At the heart of our brand is a commitment to exceptional quality, attention to detail and the best customer service you'll experience.

    We take pride in transforming our glasses into bespoke, treasured keepsakes that accompany you on life's most precious occasions.

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    Drawing inspiration from distinctive Japanese designs and timeless European styles, our whisky glasses take each sip to new heights.

    Add a personal touch with our bespoke engraving service, weaving your story into every toast.

    Explore our whisky collection and create whisky moments worth savouring.

    Masterfully crafted to enhance the flavour and aromas of your favourite wine, our glasses transform every pour into a sensory experience.

    Whether you're captivated by bold reds or crisp whites, our glasses elevate your enjoyment and invite you to relish every sip.

    Explore our wine collection and unleash your inner sommelier by toasting to life's finest pleasures.

    Enhance every celebration with our elegant, personalised champagne glasses.

    Designed to elevate events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday's these handblown european crystal Champagne flutes add a layer of refinement to every toast.

    With our custom engraving service, you can etch your unique story into each flute, turning every sip into a timeless memento.

    Explore our champagne collection and make every toast a timeless keepsake.

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    Have you found yourself in a last minute gift search panic?

    If you're in Melbourne, you can pick up your order from our warehouse, ensuring that you can still present a heartwarming, personalised gift even when time is running out.

    With our collection of beautifully presented glasses we make the art of gifting effortless and unforgettable.