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    Our selection of materials for glassware is as diverse as our customers. We provide radiant crystal glasses that brilliantly capture light, heat and scratch-resistant borosilicate glasses, and even recycled glass options for the environmentally conscious. Our coloured glassware ranges from subtle hues to bold tones, perfect for adding a personalised touch to your wine gifting experience.

    Whether you're gifting sleek, modern stemless wine glasses or timeless, classic red or white wine glasses, our collection caters to every aesthetic. We go beyond traditional designs with our uniquely shaped glassware, adding an artistic touch to any wine tasting. For those who prefer a rustic aesthetic, our hand-blown and recycled glass options lend a sense of earthy charm.

    We understand that the art of gifting lies in the details. That's why our collection caters to a variety of preferences, from substantial, weighty tumblers for those who appreciate a firm grip, to slender, delicate flutes for those who favour elegance. Each piece is designed with the user's comfort and enjoyment in mind, making each sip a memorable experience.

    Frankly James is not just your go-to source for everyday glassware but also for those special occasions. Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries or even a simple toast among friends can be elevated with our glassware. Crafted to be more than just display pieces, our glasses are robust and elegant, ready to be part of your cherished moments.

    A crucial feature of our glassware collection is its versatility. Our glasses are suitable for a range of settings, from sophisticated cocktail parties to casual family dinners and intimate wine-tasting sessions. We strive to bridge the gap between aesthetic appeal and functionality that many glasses on the market fail to do. Our pieces embody the perfect fusion of form and function, with practical design and robust build. No matter your lifestyle or beverage of choice, Frankly James offers unrivalled variety and quality in glassware.